We Seek your Kind support towards making our Region a paradise on Earth


Our Vision

The dream of a young India created by that future generation of its children who take pride in their honesty, confidence and ideology. We dream of a country of young trendsetters and pathfinders to take us to a new era of glory. .


Our Mission

Task to hand pick from the underprivileged young, nurture, train, mould and groom them and finally gift the country with generations of ready talent and expertise to take positions of responsibility in various spheres of growth and progress.

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JR Education and Welfare Foundation .

We have identified following areas . .

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Education & Skill Development

A well educated population, adequately equipped with knowledge and skill is not only ... To create such an institutional base for skill development

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Women Empowerment

Women's empowerment is all about equipping and allowing women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems in society.

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Public Welfare Programme

We Support The principal social welfare problems relate to women, children, youth, the family, under-privileged groups and social vice.

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Our outreach whose overall mission is to advance humanity's understanding and awareness of our role in and interaction with our natural environment

Lets build the better world together where young trendsetters
and pathfinders will take us to a new era .

Support our Initiative … we need you.

Name of committee members

  • Mr. Iqbal Hunerkar ( working as a principal).
  • Mr. Ashraf Murtaza.
  • Mr. Moeen Sayyad ( Working as a High School Teacher).
  • Mrs. Shaziya Budye (Working as a High School Teacher).
  • Mr. Nisar Rajpurkar.
  • Mr. Azeem Kotawdekar (Working as a High School Teacher).
  • Mrs. Sugra Majgaonkar (Working as a High School Teacher).

List of our volunteers

  • Mr. Afshaan Murtaza.
  • Mr. Imtiyaz Patel.
  • Mr. Shahid Majgaonkar.
  • Mr. Mujeeb Kotawdekar.
  • Mr. Javeed Maniyar.
  • Mr. Anees Pathan.
  • Mr. Rahim Dalal.
  • Mr. Nasir Bargir.
  • Mr. Adil Majgaonkar.
  • Mr. Shakib Patel.
  • Ms. Neha Budye.
  • Mr. Kalim Chaus.
  • Mr. Sahir Karlekar.
  • Mr.Ilyas Sakharkar.
  • Mr. Shahzaad Mulla.
  • Mr. Ashfaq Dhamaskar.
  • Mr. Ayub Jahagirdar.
  • Ms. Wahida Khan.
  • Mr. Saalim Mastan.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers